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How does CISS (continuous ink supply system) work?

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A while ago I wrote about the revolutionary CISS technology and how you can save up to 95% on printing cost and maintenance.

Now you will get an insight on how do they actually work and why are they a lot more effective than conventional cartridges.

CISS is basically a device containing permanent ink cartridges (they don’t have to be replaced) linked through a pipe system to external reservoirs filled with ink. These particular tanks (assigned to different colors, about 100 ml each) never dry up, they can be fully used and last longer. This way the refilling process is fast and easy.

With CISS you can get the same quality like classical cartridges, only this way you can print more, because they contain the equivalent of 10 to 30 sets. Use it for text, photos, and never worry about them depleting quickly.

CISS can be attached to any inkjet printer, search for your model on www.cissmarket.com.

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