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If you are looking to learn the Romanian language and you are unable to seek for the perfect solution, I’ve got one for you. Whether you came to Romania as a businessman, you’re a foreign student or maybe an employee, now you have the chance to learn Romanian from scratch or improve your skills tutored by the most professional team in this field at ROLANG SCHOOL (member of the European Language Council).

Romania is a very welcoming country as you may have noticed already if you freshly arrived here, so making acquintances and new friends should not be a problem, unlike in other European countries. This way you can start learning the language by conversation, especially if you have a common ground, like English. However, achieving advanced levels will start to look like a hard task to do, especially if your native language is not a part of the Latin family. Romanian has a complex grammar system, so if you need it on a professional level for your job, you should take courses depending on your profile and needs. ROLANG SCHOOL has it all prepared for you, the only thing remaining to do is to check it for yourself then roll in if it suits your expactations and requirements. All levels are covered (A1 to C2), suitable for adults of all ages.

Living in the capital city would be the best way to take advantage of the school’s programs and activities, but there are other ways also to take the courses (described further below).

Class courses are held in Bucharest, on 28 Tudor Arghezi street, 5th floor. You can choose between 8 week (32 hours), 2 week intensive (30 hours) or week-end courses. Beside that, there are many specialized courses, depending on your needs:

Immersion course: only Romanian is allowed and it’s based on free conversation in a non-academic, non-formal and relaxed environment. Students are taught to use the language in a wide range of life situations where oral skills are handy.
Romanian for business: designed for professionals learning Romanian for business, marketing and industry purposes. Content: Business correspondence, writing a CV and business letters, job interviews, commercial mailing, typology of banking and finances, marketing and advertisement vocabulary.
Romanian for tourism: Students will base their speaking abilities around different situations related to a wide range of tourist services. For example, vocabulary related to hotels, accommodations and meals, asking for information, tourist information offices and services, travel agencies, complains related to accommodation and tourist services.
Romanian for citizenship: useful preparation for the exam, topics about Romanian Constitution, Romanian Government and Parliament, administrative and territorial division of Romania, citizens’ rights, Romanian geography, Romanian history, Romanian writers, musicians, composers, and scientists.

There is the possibility to take individual courses, where students feel the need for a more personal approach and curricula and a more flexible schedule. These courses are also available at the regional headquarters in Brasov, Constanta, Cluj, Iasi, Ploiesti, Sibiu and Timisoara.

The third option is taking the online courses which are held via Skype, chat and e-mail. All the aspects are covered like pronunciation, dialogues, conversation, vocabulary, grammar and exercises.

If you are interested you check out the Rolang School website, where you can find all about the fees and other important infos. You may also be interested in the FREE class provided for Beginner and Intermediate level possible applicants.


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